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Why does my heel hurt in the morning?

This is a very common scenario.  You wake up, stand to go to the bathroom and you hobble all the way there! Amiright? You feel very much older that your actual age as you shuffle over the tiles and then slowly, the pain in your heel, whilst still there, has subsided a bit.

Well my friend, you may well have what’s know as plantar fasciitis. This is a common condition whereby the tendon and soft tissue in the sole of your foot pulls excessively on your heel bone and creates inflammation and pain.  The reason you particularly feel the discomfort in the morning is that overnight any stagnant fluid pools in the soles of your feet and effectively swells around the inflamed tendon.  By walking first thing in the morning you are applying extra pressure to the area by way of standing and compressing the fluid.  Walking for about 5 minutes helps to dissipate this fluid and relieve the pressure.  Hence why you feel a bit better by the time you’ve headed out to make your breakfast.

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