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5 Things to avoid a Fungal Nail infection

A fungal nail infection is usually detected when one or more nails turns a funny colour. You may notice a brownish/ yellow tinge to the nail or see white patches develop. The nail itself can become crumbly or get really thick.  Whilst this condition is usually painless, it can be highly contagious. Known as Onychomycosis , or more commonly referred to as a Fungal Nail infection, here are some tips in prevention of this relatively common condition.

5 things to avoid in getting a Fungal Nail Infection

  1. Don’t wear nail polish for an extended period of time, especially shellac.  Your nails need to ‘breathe’ so try to give your nails a break every 4 weeks.
  2. Do not wear the same shoes day in and day out.  A bit hard if you have work boots, or specific work shoes so if you can’t avoid this, then air out your shoes in the sunshine every weekend.
  3. Wear thongs around communal swimming/bathing/gym changing areas
  4. Avoid going to nail salons that do not use medical grade sterilised equipment and foot baths that can harbour unfriendly nasties
  5. Don’t wear synthetic socks. Synthetic materials make it hard for the skin to breath. Fungal spores thrive and love damp conditions

If you have followed all these ideas yet still find that you have a fungal nail infection. Do not panic! It is more common than you think. Click HERE to discover how we tackle fungal nail infections at Emerald Lakes Podiatry. The earlier you address the problem, the easier it is to treat.